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Handling Multi-users in A Single GOT CRM admin account

A Profitable Enterprise Runs on Many Business Verticals Together. As an Entrepreneur You Need to Focus on All Your Business Verticals at The Same Time.

Do Not Hassle Anymore About Managing Cash Flow of Different Verticals Separately.

  • Add Multiple Business
  • Manage Multiple Staff
  • Manage Multiple Customers

One Account!

Set up multiple business accounts for your primary and secondary businesses. Easily accessible single account to fit in all your different business verticals, under one roof!

Add as many users as you want.

No more need of different communication tools.

Eradicate from files undue expenses.

Easy management with zero invested extra hours

Delightfully Easy Team Management!

Simply add and assign staff for all the different verticals in the same account. Ensure no confusion and efficiently smooth processes.

  • Assign multiple staff to different customers
  • Easily track project growth from one account.
  • Set permissions with conditions.

Quote approval Process

Send accurate Quote in one go for all your customers from the same account. Include your team every time you send an Quote and be double sure for each Quote that you send.

Invoice Approval Workflow:

Enable Invoice Approval Process Select Business Requirements Define Approval Authorities (staff) Send Invoice to Staff For Approval Approved Invoices Will be Automatically Sent to The Clients.

Advanced Features With 100% Security.

  • 2 Layers of added security to prevent your account from any unwanted intruders.
  • Data Backup and Security
  • Keep your data safe and secure with GOT CRM software from any theft, loss and intrusion.
  • Ongoing support and updates
  • 24*7 support and regular updates to keep your software free from technical glitches.
  • A unique code-based authentication to keep your GOT CRM account secure.