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The fortune is in the follow-up

0% of sales happen only after 5 follow up phone calls after the first meeting. It is alarming to know that almost half of the sales teams give up following a lead after one follow up call. Research says that, another significant factor to increased sales prospects is the Lead Response Time. The chances of qualifying a lead drops to 10% after the first hour. Postponing the pursuit of a lead to the next day will result in a ‘cold’ lead.

Knowledge of CRM

Every time a customer gets engaged in a negotiation or a sales discussion, customer needs additional information to make a well-informed decision. This translates to a follow up task against the lead, that needs to be recorded and diligently tracked to closure. For a follow up to happen, its critical that the details of the Customer such as the name, contact details, email ids, preferred channel to contact etc are known and stored in GOT CRM. This will also lead to subsequent follow ups till the lead is converted to a deal.

Comprehensive UI

GotSoftwares has an intuitive and comprehensive UI to create and track these follow ups. Once a new follow up is created for a lead in the CRM, the user responsible to handle the follow up is assigned in the system. A date and time is also created for the follow up to be addressed. This task assignment is notified to the agent by applications such as WhatsApp,Mail,SMS and this gets appended to his individual dashboard under the list of tasks to be performed.

Advantages of systematic Follow up process

The advantages of having a well established Follow up process helps the company in several ways.

Keeps the Customer Engaged

Tracking each follow up diligently and on agreed timelines keeps the customer engaged and lets them know our interest in doing business with them. Customer and users can be engaged in various ways such as

  • Direct face to face meetings
  • Phone calls
  • Email communications

Postive Influence on Customer

Ensuring timely follow ups with the Customer improves trust and helps in growing credibility. This will take us closer to convert a lead to a deal and also to get repeated business from the same customer.

Understand Customer Requirements

GOT CRM will also help us understand the Customer requirements quite clearly including their available budget, which will help in customizing our delivery to meet their requirements.

Systematic Plan for Sales

A good follow up process also ensures that the agents are aware of their tasks, with a priority set for each one, with well-defined timelines. The users have a dahsboard where the tasks assigned to them are listed in it based on priority and timelines. This helps the agents to plan their tasks and get prepared with the follow up. Sales agents will be notified of the upcoming follow up tasks in various mediums such as:

  • Whats app
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Desktop notifications
  • Inborn phone

Social Media Integration

Another important aspect to ensure efficient follow ups take place is to ensure that the agents are reminded well in advance about the upcoming follw up tasks. By integrating Apps in to the CRM system, a notification is sent to the users for upcoming tasks.

Email Integration

Got CRM has all the elements that are needed to ensure that the follow up process is mature and leaves no room for any gaps.Customer queries are generally received by mails. So the mails received are automatically translated as a follow up by integrating the mail in to the CRM system. The mail corresponce is also logged into the system to provide a context for the follow ups to be made.