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The best user-friendly CRM solution for small business

The CRM with high level features helps to reach your business to next level in short term in very price in the market

Business without a CRM

With a single excel file you will be maintaining the entire contact management, follow ups history, call history. Which become more harder to filter or find when the contacts increase more than 500+. If you manage a team the entire day will be spent on processing and analyzing the qualified leads. In this situation how you increase your sales productivity and close more deals as per the plan.

Even aware of using CRM improves your sales not adopting due to cost cutting or cost-effective investing on it.

  • Question 1:

    “Any software is convenient as Excel; I want to Use it immediately without any training?”

  • Question 2:

    “What about the leads received from emails, chat, or phone? Will they be automatically mapped to single location?

  • Question 3:

    “Will another tool help me easily integrate my email?”

  • Question 4:

    ” That tool should very cost effective and should not disturb other operation cost”?

Adopt CRM for small businesses

CRM for small business is a simple software designed specifically for growing businesses to organize and maintain customer data in a single location safe with no risk. Unlike enterprise CRM solutions built for larger businesses, small business CRM is business-friendly, and start using within a hour.

GOT CRM is the only CRM providing 3 users per license for very cost economical price $10 with high level feature required for your business.

What you expect from CRM for small business?

Protected Contact management and storage in Cloud

In single cloud storage all your business contacts are been managed wisely and smartly. Never miss any follow ups and helps to build stronger relationship with your Customers.

Sales Goals

You feel a changeover on your sales productivity and increase more sales and meet your sales goals perfectly without any backlog.

Client Trust

Being a small business, it is hard to build trust with new clients, once you follow a system like CRM client started trusting your system and commit more opportunities which helps your business to reach next level smartly. Keeping this mind Got CRM is been catering specially for small business to grow 34% from the current revenue.

Mobile App

During the initial stage sales team will be in mobility on meeting customers frequently, in this stage tracking your contacts and leads in mobile apps will be much helper to keep touch with your customers.

24x7 Support

Small business work hard for there futuristic growth. They also need 24X7 support for their sales operation to go smooth. Best CRM comes with any time support for your urgent need and query.

Over 1000 small business is benefited from GOT CRM

Some Customers have shared their experience with GOT CRM

Andrew Grove

Sr. Manager – Business Development Manage Artworks

GOT CRM has helped me achieve my sales goals much easier and faster, no wasting time on training my sales team instead focus on the closure of business deals. I personally recommend GOT CRM for your business growth

Peter Linder

Director of Marketing Operations Vision I Medias

We really love to work with GOT CRM for our movie promotions campaigns, as our concern is based on the movie production background our sales team is unskilled on using software for our sales and marketing operations. As it is easy to use we need not train much from the day one they will start work on it. We are using it for more than 4 years still their customer support is good and do customize according to our business

Encarnacion Perez Pintado

CO Founder - CEO Digival Solutions

I am really happy to associate with GOT CRM as reseller partner in Middle East Region, growing mutually with GOT Softwares for 2+ years is awesome. I am really a big fan of 360 degree customer view feature.