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Efficiently transforming Leads to Deals

Got Softwares understands the significance of how a qualified sales process can define the sales outcome of the company

With years of focused research and expertise on CRM processes, Got Software has developed a comprehensive sales CRM software, Got CRM, to streamline the business processes involved in sales activities such as Lead Management, Rate Analysis, Quotation Management, Order Conversion, and finally the Deal Generation.

You can go a step further and say that efficient management of the sales activities can increase the lead conversion rate dramatically.

Amazing Experience

GOT CRM is the result of extensive experience of Got Softwares technical team. Got CRM has been developed to bridge the gap in the traditional CRMs, which are not conducive to many industries and business processes. Got CRM provides organizations with a niche technology benefit, where a Business Concept can be used to define the types of business areas, concepts, and categorize to handle every organization and industry vertical. It provides flexible and scalable solutions to customize the GOT CRM to an organizational requirement.

Got CRM helps organizations with an efficient Lead management process which allows creating groups in three ways: Direct leads from the Website Enquiry pages, manually creating leads, and finally using an API to be integrated into the webpages and pull the leads into the CRM.

Intuitive Dashboard

Got Softwares understands that the true geniunity of a CRM lies in the comprehensive and intuitive dashboard. They are aware of the fact that it becomes imperative for the sales teams to easily view and analyze data such as key metrics, performance indicators, sales funnel strength, changes to lead generation, or early signs that may affect or cause any future problems in the pipeline. Got CRM Dashboard is highly intuitive, interactive, scalable, accessible, and more significantly, view the metrics, analysis, and updated information at all times,

Organized Module Management

The usability and effectiveness of a GOT CRM are determined by the smooth integration of social apps with the prospects and customers, for greater visibility and better support towards sales goals. Got CRM provides an improved excellence in managing various modules for better insights.

Efficient User Management

Got CRM User Management module is the heart of the CRM, as it understands that the customer, lead source, lead status, contact information of the prospective lead is the core of any CRM system. Got CRM has a well defined module to handle and monitor the leads and customers.

Flawless Data Import

Got CRM provides customers with an easy access to critical information with a click of a button. While importing data into the CRM, importance is given to data integrity. Got CRM provides rules, templates, and data validation techniques to import a single record of data or bulk imports. It allows data import to be done through outlook, CSVfile, and other sources.

Got CRM also allows data import from purchasing a record database, or leads collected from campaigns or road shows and so on. So it becomes imperative that the sales teams need to be given the flexibility to import data on the fly. Got CRM assists the teams to import clean data, avoiding any duplication.

Comprehensive Analytics

Got CRM brings together the integration of other apps for optimizing operations and enhancing operational excellence in organizations. It provides a 360 degree view of the customer, starting from a prospect, sales, support, to finance, and accounting. Got CRM has taken the best of both the technologies to provide organizations, sales and marketing teams, complete transparency to the customer’s needs, and lead history, follow up and negotiations.

The dashboard provides a real-time insight into the organization’s key metrics. This also allows you to view the results, processes, progress, comparisons, trends, metrics, patterns of sales and marketing activities to take well-informed decisions based on these metrics.

Flexible and Scalable Settings

Got CRM provides customers with a scalable software to suit any organization needs. The customization can be done very efficiently with great ease. The intuitive interface and ease of navigation provides access and articulation in the best possible way.

Social Media Integration

Got CRM provides integration of Apps and Social Media for comprehensive collaboration and enhanced productivity while working with the sales teams, sales leads, customers, and prospects. The integrations in Got CRM help to bring in more visibility, tracking and monitoring of activities, timely responding to the leads, and effectively closing leads; thereby closing the deals in quick time on a single platform.

Got CRM has integrated a third-party apps for smoother communication between the stakeholders. Got CRM has integrated the APIs for sending SMS, Video, and calls.