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Cloud platform for CRM

CRM -Customer Relationship Management is no longer a necessity but a must for most companies in today’s business world. Business communities understand that using CRM will assist significantly in establishing close relationships with their customers, improve customer service, and foster sales. However, the greatest challenge lies in choosing the right solution that meets the business requirements of the organization with available budget.

Small and Medium Enterprises

SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) unlike companies, are extremely diligent and cautious with their investments on software tools and technology. Since SMEs have limited budget to invest, they generally do not own servers, data centers, or have dedicated IT personnel to maintain these systems. They also have very specific business need and follow a customized sales processes. Hence, their criteria for a CRM includes affordability, ready to use without much customization, simple to use, well-suited to their business needs, easy to deploy and maintain, and should be available all the time.

Cloud-based GOTCRM

Cloud-based GOT CRM is a CRM software that is hosted in the cloud, instead of a server maintained by the organization. Since this software is hosted on cloud, it can be accessed anywhere from Internet. It makes it easy for all users to access the information anytime and from anywhere and in any device such as a laptop, mobile, or tablet.

GOT CRM software hosted on Cloud is not only technologically advanced and user-friendly, but provides comprehensive options of various GOT CRM processes for the SMEs both big and small, to choose the desired options, to meet their unique business needs. Cloud-based GOT CRM systems also offer flexible costs and easy maintenance and deployment.

Let us analyze on some of the advantages of using Cloud-based GOT CRM over conventional installations.

Simple Installation

The most common concern with conventional CRM systems is the complexity asociated with installing the software. Since Cloud-based GOT CRMs are hosted by the service provider, there is no need for any installation and it does not need any dedicated ITteam and the system can be up and running very quickly.

Seamless Access

One of the greatest advantage of GOT CRM is that it is accessible at all times and from anywhere, since it is is hosted on cloud. GOT CRM can be accessed from any connected devices such as a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or a tablet. The CRM information is available to all the employees of the organization at any time and even beyond working hours, which is a common expectation for start ups and small businesses.

Ease of use

The GOT CRM is available for use from the very moment it is procured from Got Softwares. GOT users can use any of their devices with an internet connection to access the GOT CRM, using the credentials provided by us. While we takes complete ownership of app maintenance, a wide range of self-service utilities are available online for the SMEs to do any customization.

Cost Effectiveness

With GOT CRM, there is no need for any CAPEX for Small companies. Instead, the ongoing cost based on CRM packages procured and the number of licences can be handled as OPEX on a regular or monthly basis. This is another reason why GOT CRM solution is best suited for small enterprises.

Typically, GOT CRM charges are based on usage or subscription model, which calls for minimal upfront investment. There is no hidden costs like buying additional hardware or licenses fees.

High Security Levels

One of the major concerns companies have with using web-based information storage systems is security vulnerability. This is the main reason that is preventing several companies to migrate to a cloud-based solution also known as Software-as-a-Service(SAAS).

Got offering CRM systems as SAAS understand the significance of Data security and have the right checks and balances to ensure that the confidential information entrusted with them is safe and secure.

The degree of information security provided by Cloud servicing companies are much stringent than those provided by an average local IT room. GOT CRM also offer advanced automatic back-u and data recovery plans to mitigate any breach. Yet, individual users of Cloud services can further improve their data safety by using two-step authentication and strong passwords.

Reliable operation

The expectation of any company from a CRM system is that the system is available all the time. Any minor glich in availability will result in great loss for small busineses. such situations will seldom occur with GOT CRM, since all parts of the Cloud are backed up.

This means that every component, such as a server, has multiple replicas in the Cloud. So, if one instance fails, it will be immediately replaced and the system will not get disrupted. In fact, a web-based GOT CRM system continues to be operational 99.99% of the time

Flexibility and Customization

All Cloud-based GOT CRM solutions can be customized to suit the specific needs of a customer.While selecting a CRM system, small businesses will be interested in specific features that will help them with their current line of business.

However, as the company grows, there could be a need for more capacity, new features or more advanced modules. In this case, Cloud-based GOT CRM can be instantly updated to satisfy these needs.

Enhanced Compatibility

GOT CRM can be easily integrated with other applications or software, such as e-mail clients and Other apps (Gmail, Slack, Office 365, etc.). It is this compatibility that makes Cloud-based CRM an even more appropriate choice for small businesses.

Hence Cloud based GOT CRM is the quickest way for small businesses to achieve their business goals, because it is:

  • Easy to use and access
  • Affordable with little upfront costs
  • Requires no hardware to purchase or software to maintain
  • Supports multiple devices is cancelled ( For future reference)
  • Compatible with third-party products
  • Ensures high data protection
  • Adaptable to your needs and changing requirements.