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Lead Management

One of the most significant aspect of sales is to handle Leads. This is also known as nurturing leads. A lead can be nurtured only when the user is responsible to handle the leads provide timely response to the customers. Before a lead gets converted to a sale, the client too goes through a process of due dilligence to ensue that the product/service they intend to buy, meets all their requirements in all aspects such as:

  • Improved business proposition and ROI realization
  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective and within budget limitations
  • Training and support with simple functional and operational aspects

Since the client does not have enough visibility during the initial phase, they typically make several queries with the vendor to get their concerns addressed. It typically takes 7 to 12 queries for a lead to convert to a sale.

Lead Management Solution

Got CRM has a comprehensive solution to track each query as a task or a follow up. The key is to track these queries promptly.

Systematic Follow Up process

Every lead has an entry in the GOT CRM with details such as client name, contact person, contact information, lead source , lead type etc. Every query from this client is appended as a follow-up with the following details:

  • Agent Assigned
  • Next Follow up
  • Follow Up By
  • Reasons in case a lead is cancelled ( For future reference)

Intuitive Dashboard

To ensure that the users perform their tasks on a timely and systematic manner, Got CRM notifies the tasks of the users on their respective dashboards. The moment a user logs into the system, the list of tasks he has to perform in the order of priority is listed. This helps the user to plan their tasks well and ensure they are executed on a timely basis. Sales works best when the users are able to focus on one conversation at a time. Do not want to put a lot of tasks on a user, Instead of that GOT CRM to remember all of these tasks between customers and users.

Desktop Notifications

This is exactly where organizations lean heavily on CRM desktop notifications. GOT CRM helps sales understand where the leads are in the journey, and see the behavior of the leads. Any good salesperson will take notice of a prospective lead and nurture it with conversations. The notifications help the sales teams to be aware of the progress of each lead and the stage it is in. This helps in more informed decision making. It shows the right time for a salesperson to make the close. The sales person must ensure not to close too early, nor too late.

Chronological Categorization of Leads

A lead may need more than one sales agent to handle it. Got Softwares CRM provides desktop notifications to the users listing all the tasks to be done in a chronological order. This helps the user to plan his work well in advance and sequence it as demanded. So once one user has completed his tasks, the next task or follow-up will get prioritized and assiged to the same user or a seperate user. A lot of these nurturing steps are tactical.

Well-informed Quotation Follow up

This ensures that the lead is carefully nurtured and timely action is taken to strengthen the sales pipeline, and thereby effectively close the leads.

The Got CRM handle the leads at different follow up levels such as:

Enquiry follow up:

Got CRM intimates the assigned agents to do a follow up on the lead after an enquiry is made.

Quotation follow up:

Important to understand who you are targeting. If the user must speak to CFOs in the sales cycle, they must be well-informed and must have content ready to specifically nurture and persuade the CFO. GOT CRM ensures that the lead is carefully nurtured and timely action is taken to strengthen the sales pipeline, and thereby effectively close the deads.

Proposal follow up:

After a quotation has been finalized, GOT CRM sends a proposal to the prospective lead. Got CRM brings visibility to the status of the lead in the system by timely sending notifications to the user to follow up on the proposal sent.

When a quotation is sent to the customer, Got CRM initiates a task for the assigned agent to do a thorough follow up, if necessary a negotiation on the quotation too.