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About Got CRM?

Traditionally, a CRM software is used to automate the whole gamut of processes between an organization and their customers for better transparent governance. Got Software Private Limited has gone a step further and have developed a comprehensive CRM to streamline the business processes of sales, marketing, customer relationship, leads follow up, and so on on a single platform for businesses to make well-informed decisions for your organizations.

Benefits of Got CRM

Got CRM has a well-defined process implementation to manage the pre-sales and sales pipeline activities for an organization. The platform enables the sales teams, pre-sales executives, the stakeholders involved in this process, customers, and the managers to work collaboratively and effectively to convert the leads into deals.

The significant benefits of implementing Got CRM for organizations are as follows:

  • Comprehensive view of the Leads
  • Single point entry for customer information
  • Efficient process for importing Leads
  • Flawless filtration of leads based on categories
  • Prioritization of leads based on stage of lead processing and star ratings
  • Transparent working on sending quotation to clients
  • Efficient handling of quotation follow-ups and negotiations
  • Transparent implementation of order conversion
  • Auto generation of the PO and Invoicing
  • Effective Social Media Integration into GOT CRM for timely sales transactions and effective deal closures

Got CRM Pricing

Got CRM provides organizations a free trial of the software with the complete set of features. The users can explore all the features with no hidden fees or forced upgrades. Our pricing structure is as follows:

Setup and User Experience

Got CRM has been developed to simplify business processes through its revolutionary thought leadership in UX, and providing an integrated solution to Pre-sales functional processes to boost the organization’s market. The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of Got CRM exemplifies the degree of importance given to UX design. Extreme diligence has been taken to develop a simplified navigation to the screens in the system to facilitate the various functions involved in the pre-sales process. All the relevant data necessary for each screen are displayed and carefully placed without overcrowding the page. Each Form is designed to present only the relevant fields to perform a defined task.

Manual entry of bulk data is replaced by automated procedures like importing spreadsheets. Got CRM provides support in importing data from Excel sheets which have a standard template. The UX design is made keeping the end user in mind. Experienced users are aware of the workflows and any modifications made and can navigate through the system. Since, basic users have a well-defined purpose , the UX is designed carefully so that they can adopt to the system. The finer aspects of the system such as field names, view names, field descriptions, label translations, custom entity icons, etc are verified for simplicity and usability in Got CRM.

User and Contacts

Got CRM Contact Management module is the heart of the CRM, as it understands that the customer, lead source, lead type, contact information of the prospective lead is the core of any CRM system. Got CRM has a well defined module to handle and monitor the leads and customers. Each contact is classified, and each contact requirement is categorized by star ratings.

Each user, profile of the user, mode of communication, communication and postal addresses, Email IDs are carefully captured once in the system. This information will later be used for doing the follow ups, sending quotations, negotiations, and invoicing, and delivery of the products.

Got CRM Sales Dashboard

Got CRM understands that the true ingenuity of a CRM software lies in the comprehensive and intuitive dashboard. They are aware of the fact that it becomes imperative for the sales teams to easily view and analyze data such as key metrics, performance indicators, sales funnel strength, changes to lead generation, or early signs that may affect or cause any future problems in the pipeline. Got CRM Dashboard is highly intuitive, interactive, scalable, accessible, and more significantly, view the metrics, analysis, and updated information at all times

Lead Management

Got CRM has a comprehensive solution to track each query and list as a task or a follow up. The key is to track these queries promptly. A lead can be nurtured only when the agents assigned to handle the leads provide timely response to the leads. Before a lead gets converted to a sale, the client too goes through a process of due diligence to ensure that the product/service they intend to buy, meets all their requirements in all aspects such as Improved business proposition and ROI realization, Easy to use, Cost effective and within budget limitations, Training and support with simple functional and operational aspects.


Got CRM provides a real-time insight into the organization’s key metrics. This also allows you to view the results, processes, progress, comparisons, trends, metrics, patterns of sales and marketing activities to take well-informed decisions based on these metrics such as generating reports to check the analysis and act upon the trends.

Got CRM help to bring in more visibility, tracking and monitoring of activities, timely responding to the leads, and effectively closing leads; thereby closing the deals in quick time on a single platform. There is a seamless integration of the third party tools in Got CRM.

Best Solution for Small to Midsize Companies

Got CRM, with its powerful features to handle and manage the sales process of an organization is best suited for small and medium enterprises to streamline their processes. It is a powerful tool for small teams constantly working on making better progress on the sales activities.