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How can GOT CRM help you?

Running a business that interacts with customers beyond the initial sale, then you need a database & powered tool for managing contacts. It’s not just for your customers, but also for your vendors, your employees, your investors, potential leads, even random people you meet during flight layovers. There are lots of affordable solutions available to make managing this aspect of your business a lot easier. But GOT CRM – Customer relationship management is a one stop solution for all business processes and business sales management since it provides the following.

Customer Tracking:

This is a key to know the customer’s behavioural pattern. can gather loads of data because the software integrates directly with your POS. This data can be used to customize experiences for each of your customers, or used on a global scale to track how well certain products are doing. Having access to your customers’ spending patterns, habits, and preferences allows you to make more knowledgeable decisions about promotions, pricing, and advertising, as well as improving the customer experience. For those who need instant access to client correspondence, be it email, phone calls, or in person conversations, GOT CRM software is vital. GOT CRM software systems offer correspondence tracking from the first transaction to the last. The GOT CRM software solution does just that, storing call logs, emails, documents and other forms of correspondence for each customer.

Business Management:

Depending on the program you use and the type of business you operate, GOT CRM software is also capable of managing inventory and tracking item quantity levels, the pace at which they sell, and even which items are not selling. GOT CRM offers business management tools that track sales, and manage product lists, price books, vendors, and more.

Contact Management

Using GOT CRM software, or GOT CRM tools available through a loyalty program or POS, saves countless man hours, not to mention your sanity. GOT CRM software at its best takes all the moving parts involving customer contact and links them together to create a system that’s seamless, intuitive, and easy to navigate. The best use for GOT CRM software is its main use: managing everything from email correspondence to sales activity and consolidating it into one centralized hub.


GOT CRM software being one of the best customer relationship management software it has cutting edge integrations like mailchimp, slack, outlook, gmail, twilio, Zoom meeting and many more tools that we use every day. So every deals, calls, social media reaches, email marketing etc could be tracked in one place.

Targeted Marketing

Digital marketing tools can be used for more than long term relationship building. Campaign and promotional applications can be used to solve the short term needs of your business. When your business needs a boost, digital marketing tools give you instant access to your customers to encourage foot traffic for your business. If you’re looking for additional ways to access your customers we provide social media campaign tools, SMS text messaging campaigns, social media blasts, and notifications.

Data Analysis & Algorithms:

GOT customer relationship management (CRM) is well equipped with features like web based contact management software, artificial intelligence powered analytics, business accounting software/ business statistics software, email campaign software, social media integrations, marketing management software, workflow management software etc.

Task management:

Use our GOT CRM to manage everything from tasks to business deals, meetings, and more. Sync the software with your calendar, create and assign new tasks, and link projects and tasks with specific contacts.

Sales Tracking:

GOT CRM software gives you the ability to track the stage each sale is in across your team. You can prioritize sales by opportunity and manage all aspects of your workflow as well. GOT CRM offers real-time pipeline management to give you the most up-to-date information, as well as management tools to help you assign tasks to your sales team.

Wide range of applications:

GOT customer relationship management(CRM) is a cloud based automation salesforce that enables the small, micro and medium scale enterprises, start-ups etc to automate workflows and enhances support in the generation of leads, Prospects, Account Management mechanism, business to business sales , Sales tracking, document library, business integration, b2b marketing/e-commerce, billing, invoicing, Scheduling, Quotations and many more. This award-winning presentation provides end to end solutions for call centre management, business process management/business process outsourcing (BPO), b2b e commerce, home business solutions, beauty marketing, blue flame marketing, 24 7 internet marketing, medical sales/healthcare, finance, banking and so on.


Apart from being a powerful tool, the benefits of GOT CRM are endless. It helps you to organize & centralized your database, thus offering valuable aid to all your employees. It assists you in strengthening your relationship with your customers and at the same time provide you with valuable business insights, which could help to accelerate your business growth.

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