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15 Ways GOT CRM can accelerate the business growth of Startups

GOT customer relationship management(CRM) is a cloud based automation salesforce that enables the small, micro and medium scale enterprises, start-ups etc to automate workflows and enhances support in the generation of leads, Prospects, account management mechanism, business to business sales , Sales tracking, document library, business integration, b2b marketing/e-commerce, billing, invoicing, Scheduling, Quotations and many more. It can do miracles to your business by providing the following.

Reduces the manual data entry:

GOT CRM provides you multiple options through which you can capture and enter leads into the system. This helps you to reduce manual data entry, thereby saving your employees precious time. It also helps minimize the risk of duplication, thus ensuring that your data is error-free and accurate. As a robust tool, it also helps reduce repetitive tasks that can be frustrating for employees, leading to sloppy work that can be messy. It provides you with features like task automation, one-click imports and updates and automatic call logging, reminders and notifications. Plus, it also offers you the option of scheduling and sending personalized bulk email messages to all your customers.

Enhances salesforce activities:

When a company or an organization run like a well-oiled machine it helps boost the efficient level among team members leading to a greater output and a higher productivity. Coordination between the sales team is extremely important for optimal collaboration, which will ultimately lead to more sales and conversion in a less span of time. As such, by making use of the GOT CRM you will be able to better coordinate with your team members. From effectively managing internal team communication to keeping a track of what your team is up to, a GOT CRM system offers a complete overview of what task each team member is carrying out and how effective they are in closing a deal. It can also prove to be extremely useful when your team is facing a bottleneck, as you can then step in and easily evaluate the situation and direct your team to carry out the sales activities in a specific way that can help meet your business goals.

Data management:

A primary benefit of GOT CRM, this tool helps to organize leads, customer information, accounts details, and sales opportunities in one centralized database, thereby making it easier for you to manage your data. It also helps to improve work productivity, by allowing access to information to various departments across your company. By having all your data stored in one single unit, you are also able to quickly access valuable information, which enables you to take faster decisions, leading to speedy implementation. Furthermore, since the collecting customer data is important for research as well as analysis and for marketing purposes, using GOT CRM system can help enhance customer relation and marketing campaigns, ensuring that you are always one step ahead of your competitors.

Business Insights:

One of the best benefits of GOT CRM, it provides valuable insight into business performance by monitoring and analysing data. It provides you with vital information to deal with any bottlenecks before it becomes an issue. In addition, it also helps to discover new areas of revenue, thereby assisting you in building a strategic business plan for the future.

Accurate time and schedule forecasting:

Forecasting is a means through which you can measure your company’s growth and success. With the help of accurate and timely forecasting, you are able to better deal with customers future needs. It also helps you to effectively strategize future marketing campaigns, and this, in turn, will ensure the ratio of closure on deals in higher leading to more profitability in the long run. GOT CRM offers powerful sales forecasting tool that provides real-time updates on the company’s key performance indicators. This includes details like current targets, products sale cycle, pipelined to close sales, etc. which are vital statistics that’ll assist you in developing a better sales and marketing plan for your business.

Quick data review:

Customer data enables you to not only provide better-personalized services but it also helps you create high-value marketing campaigns that drive targeted traffic to your business. Easy access to real-time data can help increase the conversion rate exponentially. As such, since GOT CRM consist of a centralized database that you can access anytime, it helps you to quickly review important data, thereby helping you to keep track of everything with less effort and it enables you to make well-informed decisions that help boost business growth.

Generate more sales leads:

Generating and managing new sales leads are important for all companies. It is one of the key factors for running a successful business, as it is only by garnering targeted leads would you be able to boost your company’s profitability index. However, at times by overlooking important information, your employees may miss out on sales opportunities. Thus, with the help of a GOT CRM system, this risk is reduced as it helps to consolidate all ongoing opportunities into a single view, thereby enhancing productivity and ensuring that your employees are up-to-date on each and every qualified lead.

Enhance decision making process:

A solid decision-making process does not involve making snap choices that fail to yield results. It involves a lot of researching about various solutions, monitoring, and tracking opportunities, analysing the advantages and disadvantages of a strategy to final establishing an action plan that is profitable. For a manager or a business owner to take an important decision they need to have real-time data on all these factors and as such, this can be easily obtained through GOT CRM system. GOT CRM software provides you with accurate and detailed data through its constant updates, thus helping you to not only speed up your decision-making process but also alerting you to any potential business opportunities or bottlenecks.

Enhances customer engagement:

To improve customer engagement, you need to ensure that your customers have a positive experience every time they interact with your company (employees), and this can be achieved through GOT. Since GOT CRM provides detailed information on each customer, your employees are able to effectively engage with them, thereby providing quick and hassle-free service which results in customer satisfaction, leading to enhance engagement, loyalty and repeat purchase.

Boasts e-mail campaigning:

Email marketing is a cost-effective way by which you can successfully market your product or service. Also, unlike other marketing tactics, this method is more targeted which ensures a better return on investment. Through email marketing, you are also able to increase brand awareness. Plus, it is easier to implement, monitor and measure. When you use GOT CRM system, you have access to important Customer metrics such as purchase history, demographics, contact information etc, which can be used to create personalised emails that will provide better results. This, in turn, will increase your engagement with customers and improve your email marketing campaign thereby generating a higher return on your marketing spends.

Create target lists:

As mentioned before, GOT CRM helps to segment accounts into target groups, which makes it easier to create a powerful list of leads based on various criteria. This information or lists can then come in handy when running specific campaigns based on a particular demographic or geographical area, leading to effective target marketing and more profits. By helping you identify your target market, GOT CRM system can also help you prioritize your resources in segments that are most lucrative. Plus, it will help you devise strategies that enable you to handle your audience’s future needs and wants effectively.

Easy tracking of sales and orders:

As your company grows, keeping a track of the ever-increasing number of orders and sales can be challenging. However, with GOT CRM you’ll be able to easily keep track of everything. It will also help you to reduce the risk of human errors thereby ensuring that your business runs smoothly and more efficiently. From inventory tracking to sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, reminders and much more, GOT CRM software can help you to effectively organize and track these tasks. In addition, since GOT CRM helps you to streamline the entire operation you are able to process and ship orders at a faster rate leading to a greater customer satisfaction.

Increases customer retention:

KYC or knowing your customers is what GOT CRM is all about. It provides you with details on each customer’s profile, their purchase history, how they have been marketed to, their response to your marketing campaigns etc. This data can then help you to come up with solutions that meet your customer needs. And once you have an idea of what your target market is looking for, you are able to personalize your interaction with them, thereby increasing customer retention and generating more revenue for your business.

Improves Brand credibility:

Consistency is the key through which you can improve your brand’s credibility. Thus, when you invest in GOT CRM, it aids in providing your customers with a consistent and hassle-free service, thereby assisting you in maintaining a good reputation for your business, which increases customer base as well as sales.


Apart from being a powerful tool, the benefits of GOT CRM are endless. It helps you to organize & centralized your database, thus offering valuable aid to all your employees. It assists you in strengthening your relationship with your customers and at the same time provide you with valuable business insights, which could help to accelerate your business growth.

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