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Why GOT CRM is best CRM

Email Integration

It is easily integrable to your email application (Outlook, Gmail etc.,) so that you can access your business leads from your existing application itself will not miss any regular follow up for the day and track your business leads.

AI Notification

Artificial Intelligence notification will alert your sales team to priority the job and stay focused on the business.

Campaigns Management

Helps to achieve your sales strategy goals planned for each quarter or month volume of business by campaign management feature integrated with Mail chimp and any third party tools and gives high visibility on which customer should focus to achieve the sales goal.

Team Collaboration

Sales Manager/Marketing Manager can assign or plan how to collaborate within team from sourcing the lead, lead follow ups, Quotation preparation, Quotation follow ups till the Deal close he/she can collaborate the team sync up on regular basis and make the sales effectively.

Priority Follow ups

This is a challenge job for a sales team for following up on the customers shown interest on their product to buy. Customer will be postponing buying the product for the future till the time sales team has to keep in touch with various channel like email, SMS, WhatsApp, phone call. From this which channel will be the right choice will be prioritizing by GOT CRM.

Quotation Preparation

This is an important phase of sales pitch where this must be prepared based on the support of technical team and get updated on the latest market competitive price and where the quote should not be under estimated or over estimated. It should be balanced estimation should gain profit for the business ratio 30% – 40% also should meet competitive price to close the deal with minimal negotiation in the range of 5% to 10% not impacting the business profit much. GOT CRM well designed to address this procedure by alerting the sales and technical team while pricing the quotation for a proposal which maintains the same wave length between the sales team and technical team in order to prepare a successful quotation.

Deal Conversion

This is the final part of the sales process for any business where customer is has agreed to sign contract on your business proposal after a long business follow up to close the deal. To make this process happen fast and short GOT CRM helps your sales and marketing team to have healthy follow ups on right date and time based on the GOT CRM’s AI Genie understands the customer behavior and

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